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Webcams are cameras that can be viewed over the internet. The simplest webcam is an IP camera. These cameras have a web server built into the camera housing. These cameras require power and an internet connection. The IP cameras can be wireless with WiFi but they still require power. An image, from the camera, is sent to your website at programmed intervals. The IP canera uses its web server to send the image and keep track of time.
It is also possible to place multi camera video surveillance system cameras on a website. These installations have a built in web server in their central control hub.

The website to the right ====>
is an example Website with multiple webcams. The camera view is for a webcam in Oregon USA. This page contains 3 cameras from Morocco and 2 cameras drom Oregon. These cameras are in the $100 USD price class. Scroll the page to see the other webcams on this page

W7EJ East Webcam with 5 minute updates
This camera image is on a web page
(click on image for demo)

The web address on the right ====>
can provide a real time view from a single camera. To provide a real time view in your browser you need to install a auxiliary browser plugin. There are 2 options. Option 1 uses Java which can be installed from Option 2 uses an ActiveX plug-in that is provided by the camera's server. Make sure you allow the activeX control to install if you get a warning bar in your browser. When you visit the camera page, you can select view in Java or view in ActiveX., Each camera can have a seperate web page.
Java is supported in most browsers. ActiveX is used in Microsoft browsers.

W7EJ West Webcam in real Time
This live feed is served directly from the camera
(click on image for demo)

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