Website Photos

Website photos can be presented in many different styles. You can have a small collection of small thumb photos. When a viewer clicks on the thumb photo a larger photo can pop-up. Another popular viewing format is a slide show format. A slide show can have a manually controlled or an automatically timed play mode.
Clcik on the images below to see thumb photos or a large photo demo.

Thumb photos with text (click on image below)
clicking on a thumb will bring up a larger in-line photo.
Colletion of thumbs (click on image below)
Clicking on a thumb brings up manual slide show.
Automatic slide show (click on image below)
Mouse thumb navigation (click on image below)
Use your mouse wheel to scroll photos.

Many free tools are available to customize your photo albums. The album tools allow you to select a style and photo order for your album. If you need a hand to use these tools we can gladly offer help. The output of these tools can be easily added to your web pages.

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