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PSWS can provide .NET applications that meet your needs. We will design, code and test to your specidfications. Applications can be packaged as downloadable installs or as Click-Once deployed apps. We can target your application to .NET 2.0 or .NET 3.5 or .NET 4.0A. few of the applications are shown below.

The application to the right ====>
is an example app that finds the google Earth location for any country or any address you type in manually. The location found can be zoomed depending upon the Geocode accuracy returned by Google. This app uses an embedded browser along with a country database. The App queries Google over the internet for the address of interest. It is a stand alone app that requires the Google Earth package on your PC.

GoogleEarth Viewer Application

The application to the right ====>
is an example app that looks up radio callsigns in a database to get their address. This address is then used to retrieve the Geocode coordinates. These coordinates are then entered into another database. Next, the coordinates are reverse geocoded to validate if the coordinates are indeed in the right couintry of the callsign. Several other databases are used to generate a new databse that is used on websites for marking station locations in a web page with the GoogleEarth plugin. Here is an example
Click here

Geocoder Application

The application to the right ====>
is a small app for flight simulator enthusiasts. This app allows a user to configure all of the airport control tower audio for there flight path. Clicking on one of the buttons, switches to that audio. The audio is sourced from the control tower feed or from an MP3 audio file on your PC.
The app used an embedded winmdows media player.

ATC Application

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