Website Basics

A website is a collection of randomly accessed pages, data, and funtionality. The website contains a menu that is used to randomly access the pages. The website is physically located on a web server.

A web server is a Software program that runs on a computer. There are 2 popular web server programs, IIS and Apache. PSWS develops websites that run on the Microsoft IIS (Internet Information Server). IIS runs on computers that run the Windows operating system. The Apache web server program runs on the Linux Operating system.
A web server computer is connected to the world wide web via the internet. A web server computer has one or more internet connections or 'pipes'. These 'pipes' have various qualities that effect the speed and quantity of data that your web server provides. Your Web server can be located anywhere an internet connection is available. The location types are home, office and server farm. Generally the home provides the lowest performance and the server farm provides the best. The server farm has many web servers connected to fat 'pipes' that provide good performance.

Most websites are located at a server farm. A single web server can host many websites The lowest cost website is on a 'hosted' web server. Your 'hosted' website shares the physical resource of the computer that runs your website along with many other websites. If your website needs more performance, server farms provide different packages at different costs to speed up your website. Server farms also offer you the option of actually having your own physical server. In this case only your website runs on this web server. Increased website performance always comes at a higher cost.

A 'hosted' website generally has limits on server resource usage. Most hosting companies have different packages, you can buy, that allow you to match your website's resource requirements. The quantity of server resources you select determines your monthly 'hosting' fee.

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