Click-Once Application

We develop applications that use the Click-Once technology from Microsoft. This technology allows PSWS to design and create your application and then deploy it to your customers over the web. You can choose one of two options: The application runs on your server and is downloaded on every use or the applications is installed on your customer's PC.

The website to the right ====>
is an example of the web page presented to the user on first use. The application is either installed locally or runs over the internet. When your application is enhanced or modified, all customers will be updated. The Click-Once technology always forces the Customers PC to check with your web server, for updates, before starting the application.

Logger32ToMdbLog Ckick-Once application welcome page

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The Screen shot, on the right ====>
is of the Logger32ToMdbLog Application. This application converts a Logger32 export file into an MDB Access database. The converted database is used in other applications sold by PSWS.
The code for the application is hpsted on the website server. It is completely seperated from the wensite.

Logger32ToMdbLog Ckick-Once application

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