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This tablee has many features. The table is a view of a radio contest. Each row represents a contact with another radio station. The 'Full Call', 'Sort By' and 'Band' text boxes allows the viewer to filter the table view. Try entering 'W2GD' in the 'Full Call' window. The Call column has some items with a yellow background. If you click on these calls, you will get a pop-up window of the contact with audio. If you click on you will see a popup Google earth view of the contact's location. You can sort any column by clicking on the column header name.

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W1AA 23-Nov-2002 03:08CW1,836 5995990000CQWWCW2002
W1AA 24-Nov-2002 13:02CW28,080 5995990000CQWWCW2002
W1AA 29-Okt-2005 02:00SSB7,199 59590000CQWWSSB2005
W1AA 29-Okt-2005 09:52SSB7,065 59590000CQWWSSB2005
W1AA 26-Nov-2005 22:27CW3,510 5995990000CQWWCW2005